4860  'LA  JOTA  DI  HAHNE'

The first ever published book dedicated to a specific Lamborghini Miura chassis. A tribute to an exceptional motorcar.

The definitive history of the 1973 Lamborghini Miura P400 SVJ chassis 4860. The fourth and last official factory built SVJ during the Miura production. Irrefutably documented, based on in-depth research including in-period publications and interviews with witnesses of the time.

Miura SVJ 4860
Miura Book


Discover how Hubert Hahne became a successful racing driver and later the German Lamborghini importer, and how he played a key role in the success of the Sant'Agata Bolognese sports car brand.


Discover how Hubert Hahne convinced Ferruccio Lamborghini to build him his own SVJ before the end of the Miura production, and why 4860 'LA JOTA DI HAHNE' is unique among the other SVJs and the closest to the Bob Wallace original 'Jota' spirit.

Miura Book
Miura book


Discover in detail: period and contemporary studio pictures in unique settings as well as the numerous books published since 1974 illustrating 4860 'LA JOTA DI HAHNE', emphasizing and documenting its importance in the Lamborghini history.


Discover a leading expert’s opinion and memories of people who witnessed the build and history of 4860 'LA JOTA DI HAHNE’.

Miura book

NUMBER  1  OF  300

The 4860 'LA JOTA DI HAHNE’ book is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. The first copy, signed by the main contributors of the book, is an inherent part of 4860 ‘LA JOTA DI HAHNE’ and becomes its most unique accessory. Independent of its custodian, present and future, it will always remain with the car.


by Dino Brunori
published by Fondazione Negri ONLUS, Italy.
Printed in June 2021
ISBN: 978-88-89108-45-1

- Exclusive Limited Edition of 300 hand-numbered copies
- English language
- Page size: 305mm x 260mm
- 144 pages
- Color and black-and-white pictures
- Contemporary pictures by renowned photographers
- Hardcover with slipcase
- Printed in Italy on the finest paper, handcrafted and handbound
- Exact reproduction of the original 'Jota' emblem of 4860 'LA JOTA DI HAHNE' on the cover
- Price: 250 € excluding shipping and local duties and taxes

Miura book


If you grow up in Brescia, the town of the Mille Miglia, there is a good chance you’ll get hooked on cars. Dino loved speed and races from an early age on. He is an engineer by education and made a career in architecture, but never lost his passion for cars. Until today he collects sports cars of the '50s, built by small Italian car manufacturers.

A very close friend, the late Andrea Curami, taught him the methodology and approach to historical research. Dinos articles are featured in the italian classic car world and he is also a regular contributor to the online magazine VeloceToday.com.

His first book Enrico Nardi - A fast life (2010) was a landmark in the tiny Italian Etceterini jewel-like race cars field and sold out within a few months. The following works are Nardi e la 750 (2012) and Scuderia Brescia Corse (2016).

Dino is a member of the AISA, the Italian Association of Automotive Historians, and sits in the board of Scuderia Brescia Corse as archivist.

Dino lives in Brescia, Italy.